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The curious history of the book that everyone uses but no one reads.

The online directory makes it easy for consumers to share and record search results via text, email, or social media. Many people appreciate and prefer the convenience of using the Yellow Pages as a print directory. Names and Numbers is committed to supplying over four million households with our Five Star Phone Books. Our directories are accessible and easy to use Efforts to create cellular directories have met stiff opposition from several fronts, including those who seek to avoid telemarketers.

Other colors may have other meanings; for example, information on government agencies is often printed on blue pages or green pages. Telephone directories can be published in hard copy or in electronic form. In the latter case, the directory can be used provided as an online service through proprietary terminals or over the Internet, or on physical media such as CD-ROM.

In many countries directories are both published in book form and also available over the Internet.

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Printed directories were usually supplied free of charge. Telephone directories are a type of city directory. Books listing the inhabitants of an entire city were widely published starting in the 18th century, before the invention of the telephone. The first telephone directory, consisting of a single piece of cardboard, was issued on 21 February ; it listed 50 individuals, businesses, and other offices in New Haven, Connecticut that had telephones.

It contained names and addresses of individuals and businesses in London; telephone numbers were not used at the time as subscribers were asked for by name at the exchange.

The 311 On Chicago's Early Phone Numbers

In France was the first country to have an electronic directory [6] on a system called Minitel. The directory is called "11" after its telephone access number. In the U. Supreme Court ruled in Feist v. Rural that telephone companies do not have a copyright on telephone listings, because copyright protects creativity and not the mere labor of collecting existing information. In , the first online telephone directories and people-finding sites such as LookupUK.

In the 21st century, printed telephone directories are increasingly criticized as waste. A page from the directory Enlarge Image "Victoria , please. Reading a phone book? That must be about as boring as But you'd be wrong, because the humble phone book, dating back to the Victorians, is providing a rich seam of social history.

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And as part of the boom in genealogy, back issues of phone directories have been scanned and published online in a venture between BT and a family history website. But how can they be interesting? Well, how many numbers were there in the very first phone book in ? Answer: None. There were subscribers to the Telephone Company, but only the addresses were listed.

If you wanted to be connected, you had to ring the operator and ask for the person by name. Other entries making their debut in the early phone books were Alexander Bell - yes, he who invented the phone - and Keith Prowse.

Yep, selling tickets. Phone etiquette It also shows how quickly the telephone spread. By , the phone book was the largest single printing contract in the country, running off 1. The phone book, style The importance for family historians, says a spokesman for the genealogy website Ancestry. The most recent publicly available census is - and phone books give a snapshot through the following decades of the 20th Century of where people were living.

But rather like today's directory inquiries, you have to pay to search the historic directories through the subscription and pay-per-view website. The phone books themselves are quirkily evocative. In the s and 30s, the headings of pages carried bossy instructions to customers about the correct phone etiquette.

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    numbers of names in the first phone book Numbers of names in the first phone book
    numbers of names in the first phone book Numbers of names in the first phone book
    numbers of names in the first phone book Numbers of names in the first phone book
    numbers of names in the first phone book Numbers of names in the first phone book
    numbers of names in the first phone book Numbers of names in the first phone book

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