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The Title field takes a range of search operators and wildcards see below and is not case-sensitive. The classification constitutes a hierarchical system that proceeds from the general to the particular. For example:. We've supplemented the Vienna Descriptors by adding descriptors that are specific to New Zealand, for example native flora and fauna.

For instance, if you wanted to search for a silver fern design, you may search under New Zealand descriptor You can also search using Vienna descriptors by the subcategory. New Zealand uses the international classification system known as the Nice Classification system to separate goods and services into different classes. A list of class headings for the different schedules can be found on the WIPO website. It's also important to remember that though a similar or identical mark may be filed in a different class, the goods or services may still be similar.

Therefore, you may wish to consider searching for similar classes as well. See Practice guideline 6. Every trade mark is assigned a classification schedule depending on when the application was made. The following schedules have been used in New Zealand:. Any trade mark applied for prior to 11 December will have been converted to one of the versions of the Nice classification. If you wish to search for trade mark cases including classes containing goods or services that have been re-classified over time, you may wish to limit your search by Goods and Services Class es and Nice Classification Schedule.

For example, to find trade mark cases including class 42 under Nice Schedule 8, which may contain legal services and related services. You can use search operators and wildcards in these fields as you would for the Title field. You can search by important case dates and convention priority details in the Date Search section. You can limit your search to Live Status cases to find only marks that may be cited as having priority against a new application.

Australian Trade Mark Search - advanced search

Note that cases with the statuses Abandoned — continued processing available and Refused — continued processing available are included in the Live Statuses search. While these marks are not on the live register, they are of interest as they may be cited as having priority over later filed marks if a request for Continued Processing is accepted. Therefore, you may need to perform two searches to find relevant foreign character marks on the register - one including foreign characters in the Title field, and one including the appropriate Vienna Classification Code.

When you have defined your search criteria, select Search and your search results will display. You can customise the appearance of the search screen.

Fields on the search screen are divided into conceptually similar groups with distinct headings, eg date fields are grouped under the Date Search heading. You can show or hide these sections by clicking on the headings. You can save your display preferences if you are logged in. The project team remained very focused on using open standards and common platforms and have remained largely standards compliant.

As noted in the Beta assessment, some parts of the project are not open. In this circumstance, there was a likely lack of value of re-using this specific, specialised system across different sectors of the government or community as it services a niche need. One recommendation was provided in the Beta assessment under Criterion 9. It noted that developing an understanding of the devices and browsers customers will be using may provide further insight into the ongoing development of the system.

The certificate received from the WCAG 2. The involvement and levels of interaction users have on a search system such as Australian Trade Mark Search introduced complex and sometimes conflicting needs between efficiency and usability, especially across different modes of use mouse, keyboard, screen readers and voice recognition.

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The agency is continuing to build greater capability for testing with voice recognition and screen readers in-house. With better analytics available in Australian Trade Mark Search, IP Australia now has better insight into the devices and browsers used, as referenced in Criterion 6. The system supports the range of commonly used browsers and devices used by our customers. The assessor panel noted that code reviews make up part of the testing process.

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Testing work packages was part of the agile delivery process, and has been built into the automated deployment process by the partner vendor. Nothing would be deployed that did not pass the automated testing, so the project team could focus on functional testing. User testing was conducted continually, including in-person usability testing with end users in their own environment and with opt-in users who subscribed to the mailing list. Focus was on design, layout and the ability to search for information for common tasks.

Australian Trade Mark Search

A Beta program was established to test the system — initially as a private beta for subscribers to the mailing list, followed by a public beta in the months leading up to the launch. Feedback was logged via improvement items with multiple rounds of improvements made during the Beta timeframe. Volume and load testing of the service was performed at a level beyond the expected live load. Testing sign off was done prior to the launch. Within the first 6 months of the launch 15 external releases in line with customer feedback were done.

For testing new features, being a cloud based system allow prototype environments to be established quickly, enabling the team to provide new features to end users to test and then rapidly iterate based on their feedback. The Australian Trade Mark Search has been demonstrated to be robust, reliable and secure.


Trade Marks

A web analytics tool has been implemented on Australian Trade Mark Search since the beta version was made available. The four KPIs were included in the non-functional requirements for the system and have been provided to the DTA for inclusion in the Performance Dashboard. IP Australia has not practically offered a non-digital channel to search across trade mark data since at least , when hard copy paper copies of the trade marks Register were decommissioned.

This is most often used as a blend between channels, where some users of the search system will call for assistance midway through their search. If a customer is not able to answer their question through the digital or call centre channels, they may formally seek an examination of their trade mark, which is available through paper channels.


As part of the trade mark examination, an examiner will conduct a full search online and report to the applicant if there are any conflicting trade marks found. Broadly, IP Australia has achieved Alex is enabling IP Australia to respond to customer enquiries in a faster and more effective way.

In , we launched our new Australian Trade Mark Search tool. The decision not to upgrade the old trademark search tool but to scrap it, gave us the opportunity to adopt industry-leading practices and to become one of the first IP offices in the world to integrate trademark image-recognition and search technology. Developed by the Australian startup TrademarkVision, the technology mimics the problem-solving networks of the human brain using multiple algorithms to detect objects within an image.

This makes searching for similar logos simpler and faster, producing more accurate results from over , trademark applications in seconds. Our tool attracts over one million page views every month from 40, customers.

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  7. And this technology is now in use in other IP offices. We have also worked with TrademarkVision to develop a new Trade Mark Assist tool to guide trademark filers particularly self-filers through the application process. A key objective for IP Australia is to create easier ways for customers to interact with or register intellectual property in Australia. With the implementation of these new tools, we are delivering on this. This new tool gives customers a quick and easy view of all their IP rights in one place online. The IP Folio app is free of charge, and is the first in a series of next-generation digital services we intend to deliver to customers.

    It is user-centered, data-rich, and offers access to real-time information. We built the app using agile methodology whereby we released alpha and beta versions to our customers for feedback, while continuing to develop and perfect the technology. IP Folio for trademarks was launched in December on iPhone. It offers customers an accessible, convenient and responsive interface.

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