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The Head of the Criminal Record Centre will inform the applicant in writing that his convictions and sentences have been expunged.

How Long Does A Conviction Stay On Your Criminal Record?

Links FAQ's. Toggle navigation Home. Home Frequently Asked Questions. Expungement of a criminal record. The criteria which need to be met to potentially qualify for a clearance are listed below: There should be a 10 year interval between the date of the conviction of your offence and the application. You received a sentence where you were either imprisoned from Friday to Sunday , or a community-based sentence. You have not been sentenced and jailed for any other offence during those 10 years, without the option of a fine.

You were sentenced to the following sentence: Minor crimes — for which there were minor charges.

Your conviction was based on your race. You were convicted of an offence which would democratically be considered as a minor or no offence. This is not the correct process to address the issue of inaccurate information held about you on your PNC record.

How to Get a Job with Criminal Record

Any issues of this nature are regarded as a data dispute and you need to raise the issue directly with the force concerned. Please refer to the table individual force websites for more details. Whilst there is no legal obligation to provide supporting information, providing as much information as possible will assist chief officers in their decision making process and enable a meaningful review to be conducted.

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See our range of different application scenarios which should act as a guide to what constitutes an acceptable application. Currently, all such records entered onto the PNC are retained until an individual is deemed to have reached years of age.

Criminal driving records

Provisions contained within PACE as amended , allow the police to indefinitely retain the biometric information of individuals convicted of a recordable offence. The amendments also provide a number of occasions whereby the police can no longer retain the biometric information i. In both instances, the legislation requires the biometric information to be immediately deleted unless, in respect of the latter, an application to retain the biometric information is made to the Biometrics Commissioner under section 63G of PACE.

Find out more detailed information on retention periods for biometric information.

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This is a model which was developed by the Home Office and is not governed by police. Further information on filtering rules can be found via the DBS website.

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  7. A caution, received when 18 years or over, will not be disclosed if 6 years have elapsed since the date of issue - and if it does not appear on the list of specified offences please see the DBS website for this list. If you were under 18 years old at the time that you received the caution, the elapsed time period would be 2 years. An adult conviction will be removed from a DBS certificate if 11 years have elapsed since the date of conviction, if it's the person's only offence and it did not result in a custodial sentence.

    If a person has more than one offence then details of their convictions will always be included. The DBS process works in a way that a chief officer can disclose any non-conviction information that they own which they feel is relevant to the job that is being applied for and ought to be disclosed.

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    Therefore, an arrest does not necessarily have to have resulted in a court conviction or a caution for information relating to that event to be considered for disclosure by a chief officer on an enhanced DBS certificate. The police have a legal responsibility to disclose such information in respect of enhanced DBS certificates in accordance with Part V of the Police Act section 8. This process is completely separate to that of the RDP. Should you require any further information in respect of your DBS Certificate, please e-mail customerservices dbs.

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