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By having your vehicle insurance and home insurance on the same policy, it is not unheard of to find that your premiums are more often than not, cheaper. When looking at what you would be paying should you have separate policies for your home insurance and car insurance when combining the fees. Short term Insurance companies often use that as a tactic to lure prospective consumers in and gain their business. It is in a way, a smarter option to have all your ducks in one basket, or was that eggs?

In any case, you can have one broker handling it all instead of having to jump from one to the other should anything happen. Yes, yes! We all know that being young and owning a vehicle equals astronomical premiums for your vehicle insurance.

This being that experts say that younger, inexperienced drivers are more likely to be in a car accident in the first year of having their license. Car insurance companies in South Africa all agree that drivers under the age of 25 years old more often than not participate in reckless driving habits and tend to speed more. Because we like you already, here are 4 tips to lower your risk factor, lowering your car insurance premiums;.

When it comes to having to lay a claim with your motor insurance company, it means you have just been through something that has carried a loss. A motor vehicle accident or a related event involving your car. This can be a very stressful time and it is not always easy to keep your cool during the claims process.

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Understanding the process and having what you need, will go a long way in making it an easier task to deal with. Only once the assessor is satisfied will the claim be authorized. This is crucial to your case. Find out if your car insurance company has an online platform for you to register your claim. This method can be a lot less stressful and make things a lot easier to deal with. Always keep a paper trail. Keep records of all your correspondence with your motor insurance provider as well as phone records and affidavits and police reports.

Only go forward with repairs or replacements when you have received expressed written consent from your motor vehicle insurer and only use approved outlets listed and contracted by the car insurance company.

Yes we all know that higher excess means lower rates but this is not always the better option. The higher the excess the more you pay from your own pocket when you claim. Get the better comprehensive car insurance cover rather than the lower premiums. Not all car insurance providers wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sometimes more in depth research is required to find the answers you need.

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Add another driver with more experience to increase your coverage and benefits. Read your policy thoroughly. Car insurance companies love to hide escape clauses for themselves in the fine print buried deep under all the legal jargon. If you are not sure of something, have someone that speaks the lingo have a look at it for you and explain it in a way you understand. Value for money!! So important to us South Africans. Insure your car for the following values: Retail value: this means that your car will be insured for the estimated price a dealer would sell it for.

Giving you the option to replace your vehicle with a similar make and model. Market value: This is the value you would place on your car should you wish to replace it immediately should you be in an accident or be a victim of theft etc. This is the price a dealership would buy your vehicle from you for. Special agreed value: This is the value agreed upon between the consumer and motor insurance provider. Should the car be written off as a total loss, the car insurance provider would agree to reimburse the agreed amount to the consumer.

A: Your car insurance company needs to have detailed report of your vehicle. Assessing any current damage and condition. Also record any details about sound systems and accessories. A: Humans are very forgetful! Most insurance providers have immobilisers supplied by an approved dealer to protect your vehicle should you forget to initialise it. A: Yes, it does! Statistically speaking it has been proven that more men are involved in motor collisions than woman. It has also been shown that woman are more hyper aware of their surroundings, thus making them more vigilant on the road.

So the bases for this life long debate between genders as to who are better drivers? More info. Get a car insurance quote. FREE excess cover How does this work? Home Insurance Car insurance. What cover do I need?

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Fully comprehensive car insurance is the most extensive cover you can get. Key points The most basic level of insurance, and a legal requirement Covers third parties, and their property. What's my car insurance going to cost? Compare car insurance quotes in minutes We only need a few details to get your car insurance quotes. Get a quote now and save. Buy car insurance with us and we'll refund your excess if you need to claim [1] Get a quote. How could I get cheaper car insurance?

We find the perfect insurance to suit your needs and financial plans. CompareGuru has you covered.

Compare and see if you could save by switching. Matt Oliver Car insurance expert. Upgrades and additional cover Some insurers will include them as standard, or you can pay extra to add them to your policy - think about which ones you really want or need before you buy. Breakdown cover This gets you and your car home or to the nearest garage if you break down. Some insurers protect it entirely, others only reduce it by a year or two — it varies.

Personal injury Personal accident compensates you for injuries caused by a car accident. Lost or stolen keys If you lose your keys, or they get stolen, lost key cover can help cover the cost of replacing them. Telematics insurance Telematics insurance policies use a black box or app that tracks your driving to calculate your insurance. Insurance for new drivers What do new drivers need to know when it comes to car insurance?

Car insurance for over 50s Having a wealth of driving experience means car insurance for over 50s is usually cheaper - and there are insurers that offer specialised insurance too.

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Multi-car insurance Multi-car insurance can work out easier and cheaper if you've got more than one car to insure. Classic car cover For additional cover - like spare parts, salvage retention and agreed value - protect your vintage with classic car insurance. Short-term car insurance If you only need to drive every now and again.

European car insurance To drive in Europe, and further afield, you'll usually need to add cover to your car insurance. Trusted providers on our panel Compare quotes from over insurers [7]. Over 10, customers rated us on average. Frequently asked questions. How does my job affect my car insurance? How do I estimate my annual mileage? How long is my quote valid for? It usually pays to get quotes a few weeks ahead, and lock in a good deal early. Do I need a credit check to get car insurance?

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auto car instant insurance quote search us Auto car instant insurance quote search us
auto car instant insurance quote search us Auto car instant insurance quote search us
auto car instant insurance quote search us Auto car instant insurance quote search us
auto car instant insurance quote search us Auto car instant insurance quote search us
auto car instant insurance quote search us Auto car instant insurance quote search us

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